Don want to put that pressure on your kid

Don want to put that pressure on your kid

Jan. 2011: Gladys Horton (top left), a founding member of the pioneering Motown girl group The Marvelettes who sang lead on their 1961 classic “Please Mr. Postman,” died January 26th in Sherman Oaks, California from complications related a stroke. So evidently the age of the classical music audience has been rising for decades for 50 years or more! Some people say this is natural, because the age of the population of the whole has risen. But this can account for the trends in classical music. In 1955, if we assume that the Minnesota data would be valid for all orchestras, the orchestra audience had about the same median age as the population as a whole.

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He went on to be rookie listed by Geelong, spending a year with the Cats’ VFL team. He joined Leopold in the Geelong Football league in 2015, playing in a premiership with that club in 2016. The 23 year old said he was looking forward to his return to the Power.

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